Little Furry Things Staff

Jill Seward, CCS, UW-AAB, CPDT-KA

Owner, Puppy and Adult Dog Training Specialist

Love of animals truly brings people together! Founder Jill turned her enthusiasm for her own dogs into a full-time occupation and has enjoyed building her team of caregivers. She is proud of their excellent service and invests time into training them, ensuring they continue to provide top-notch, quality pet care.

When not in the office or field for LFT, she can be seen at local seminars, dog training classes, and on the dog agility field. She trains and competes with her dogs, Elly – 13 and Cheddar – 7, and teaches agility at Ahimsa Dog Training. The only non-dog-related activity she has is training her cats … and her husband of course, although that is mainly maintenance at this point.

She graduated valedictorian from the Seattle School of Canine Studies in 2009 (CCS) and obtained an applied animal behavior certificate from the University of Washington in 2015, (UW-AAB).

Special Qualifications: Certified in Pet First Aid, CCS, UW-AAB, CPDT-KA

Favorite Breed: Mutts, Terriers, Aussies, and Cattle Dogs (RED!)

Angela N.

Dog Walker

Angela grew up in North Seattle and has been animal-obsessed since birth. She spent her childhood fearlessly approaching dogs many times her size, soaking up animal facts, and wearing down her pet-wary parents. She earned a degree in biology from the UW, where she studied zoology and animal behavior, and even spent a semester working in a crow cognition lab (She’s always happy to talk crows!). Angela has since worked in animal shelters and zoos with many different species, from cats to parrots to orangutans. She loves working with animals because it’s always busy, you never stop learning, and no two days are the same! Angela lives in Ravenna with her husband and pet frog, with hopes to add more furry family members in the future. In her free time, she loves hiking, sourdough baking, and playing puzzle games.

Special Qualifications: UW-AAB, certificate in applied animal behavior

Favorite Breed: All gray kitties and all types of bulldogs!

Carlie L.

Dog Walker, Cat Specialist

Carlie has been in love with animals and nature her whole life. She grew up in Atlanta and studied at Georgia Tech before recently moving to Seattle. In college, Carlie rescued an adorable cat named Mochi, but she grew up with all types of pets including cats, dogs, hamsters, fish and a bunny! Carlie will find any excuse to get out and spend time in nature or with animals. In her free time, she loves hiking, backpacking, practicing yoga and going to the gym. There is nothing she loves more on this earth than animals. They’re all beautiful creatures that deserve unconditional love and support.

Carol G.

Cat Specialist

Animals were a fundamental part of Carol’s life growing up in a rural suburb of Philadelphia. In her home, she always had a cat, and all were named Tigger. Carol completed graduate programs in both fine art and theology and moved to Seattle in 1985. After working in both nonprofit and private sectors for a number of years, Carol has increasingly shifted her focus to caring for the wonderful creatures who keep us human – our cats and dogs. She is especially devoted to kitten and cat care. Carol has been with LFT for more than five years and finds the relationships we have with our pets to be truly profound.

Special Qualifications: Certified in Pet First Aid

Favorite Breed: The breeds depicted in George Booth and Edward Gorey cartoons!

Jamey C.

Cat Specialist

Jamey grew up in the Southeast, surrounded by animals of all kinds – including monkeys (yes, monkeys!). At a young age, she started pet sitting and house sitting with her mother. It was during those experiences that Jamey learned to care for other’s pets responsibly and with compassion. She has called the Pacific Northwest home since 2005. Jamey pet sits regularly and is currently ‘owned’ by two cats, Keepers and The Major, who adopted her in 2005 and 2017, respectively.

Favorite Breed: All!

Jesse Z.

Dog Walker, Cat Specialist

Jesse has been an avid animal lover her whole life. From the time she could crawl, she was chasing after everything with four (or more) legs. Young Jesse enjoyed catching snakes, kissing frogs, putting her hair in pigtails and pretending to be a puppy until her parents finally gave in and brought home a real dog – Sasha – a lab/golden mix. Her house was the go-to home for animals in need of shelter. Whether it was bottle feeding an abandoned runt of the litter, an orange and white Maine Coon ironically named Sher Khan who grew to become a 25 lb. behemoth, helping neighbors raise surprise puppies, or pet sitting every dog and cat in the neighborhood – Jesse was always at hand to help. When she was 9, Jesse began volunteering in numerous animal shelters – walking dogs, socializing cats and caring for critters of all kinds. This self-proclaimed daughter of Wisconsin and cheese head moved to Seattle with her human and their rascal tabby – Jetpack – to be in the stunning mountain and sea surrounded city. After nearly a decade of painting murals for a special needs group home company, Jesse’s finally making her passion for pets a career by caring for the furry friends of LFT.

Special Qualifications: Certified in Pet First Aid, DogTec Certified Dog Walker 2017

Favorite Breed: Any and all - big or small, especially mystery mutts (particularly a border collie terrier mix named Sherman), retrievers, Manx and Maine Coons

Kathy R.

Dog Walker, Cat Specialist

Kathy has been a lifelong pet lover and caregiver. She attributes her pet-loving personality to her parents. Not only did her family have their own dogs, but they also often became a foster family to neighborhood strays. Following her family’s tradition, Kathy took in a stray kitten with the intention of fostering him until finding a loving home. Knux, the street kitten, has not left Kathy’s side since his paws first stepped into her home. Kathy has previous experience as a doggy daycare attendant, professional dog walker and pet sitter. When not providing pet care or creating new toys for Knux to destroy, Kathy enjoys outdoor adventures, film and photography.

Favorite Breed: Pit Bulls and muttly rescues!

Lisa S.

Dog Walker, Cat Specialist

Lisa grew up in a pet-friendly household. Her mom welcomed any and all animal buddies that Lisa brought home including a pair of African geese, a piebald horse, a gopher snake and too many of the rodent kind to count. Her happiest hours were spent with animals, including a cock-a-poo mutt, and her assorted Siamese and Persian cats. Lisa enjoys hiking in the beautiful Pacific NW, gardening and working on numerous house projects which never seem to get finished. She always looks forward to sharing her time, love and respect with all the wonderful new animal friends she meets while working with LFT.

Favorite Breed: All dog and cat breeds are favorites! But there is a special place in Lisa's heart for cock-a-poo mutts and crazy calico cats!

Robin R.

Field Manager, Dog Walker, Cat Specialist

Robin has lived in her home in the Central District for 20 years with her spouse and twelve-year-old son. They live with six chickens, a bevy of quail, two indoor and five semi-feral outdoor cats and four fish. She loves all animals and grew up in the country with dogs, cats, cattle and horses. She has worked professionally for many years as a baker and pastry chef since graduating with a BA in Urban Studies. After a lifetime of caring for her own and friends’ animals, Robin has finally made the change to caring for animals full-time. Over the years, she has lived with Doberman Pinschers, Pit bulls, a Saint Bernard and an Australian Shepherd. She often helps friends and neighbors with cat and dog care, which once included hosting her neighbor’s Chow and six newborn puppies for two months. Robin was the main parent caregiver for an assortment of critters at her son’s school, where she helped with chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, frogs and a bearded dragon. She has done extensive work in her neighborhood with feral cats, including coordinating spaying/neutering and finding homes for adoptable kittens. When not caring for her own and others’ animals, Robin enjoys watching movies, reading, gardening and backpacking with her family.

Special Qualifications: Certified in Pet First Aid, DogTec Certified Dog Walker 2017

Favorite Breed: All! Every animal has its own unique personality and beauty.

Samantha P.

Cat Specialist, Dog Walker

Seattle area native Samantha grew up surrounded by animals. Her family took in stray cats and dogs and tended to feral cat colonies in their neighborhood. Samantha’s passion for animals stayed with her into adulthood. She now cares for her own dogs and cats, in addition to fostering dogs for the Seattle Animal Shelter. Samantha’s hobbies include enjoying the outdoors, being physically active and trying new restaurants.

Favorite Breed: All!

Stefanie B.

Dog Walker, Cat Specialist

Stefanie lives in Edmonds with her husband and their three beloved senior pets. One of her greatest joys is taking her dog Kobe (Norwegian Elkhound) out to explore the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Stefanie also dotes on her two former shelter cats, Coco (seal point ragdoll) and Halo (gray DSH tuxedo). After a decade of working various gigs in Seattle’s tech industry, she feels lucky to now spend her days as a caregiver for LFT. In her spare time, Stefanie enjoys reading, baking and learning web design.


Special Qualifications: Certified in Pet First Aid, DogTec Certified Dog Walker 2017

Favorite Breed: Norwegian Elkhounds, Dachsunds, Samoyeds, Bulldogs