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  • Josie was pawsitively beaming about this beautiful blue skied day!

  • Loki: We have lift off!

  • Jasper & Kobe: What's the opposite of a sibling rivalry?

  • Olivia aka Lord of the Strings: The Two Towers

  • Effie: Be one with the couch.⠀

  • This city gal is having a ball exploring her new stomping grounds. Welcome to Seattle Sofi!⠀

  • Toby: The fastest tongue slinger in the West!⠀

Seattle Dog Walking

Private neighborhood walks designed to match your dog's personality and energy level! Our hand picked Little Furry Things dog walkers provide safe, kind, quality care for dogs of any size, temperament or amount of fur!

Seattle Dog and Puppy Training

Let our Little Furry Things training specialists help you raise the perfect puppy, or brush up the skills of your adult dog. Our in home day training for dogs is designed to give them a head start on the road to good behavior, while one-on-one coaching for you supports continued success.

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Seattle Cat Sitting

In-home pet sitting that caters to your cat’s temperament! Whether your cat hides or is active and needs lots of playtime, our hand picked Little Furry Things cat specialists provide safe, kind, thoughtful care for cats.