Seattle Dog Walking

Private neighborhood walks designed to match your dog’s personality and energy level!

Our handpicked Little Furry Things dog walkers provide safe, kind, quality care.

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Dog Walk Pricing

Private neighborhood dog walks include GPS and time tracking, proactive email updates with photos, and easy online scheduling & payment.

If you have a reactive or shy dog, we may recommend you start with a day training program first.

 Visit Length Single Visit Multiple Visit Discount
20 minutes $22 n/a
30 minutes $26 5% discount off ALL services (training or overnight care) when booking 5 recurring dog walks per week ($24.70)

10% for 30 visit package ($23.40)

Both discounts CAN be used concurrently ($22.10)

45 minutes $29 5% discount off ALL services when booking 5 recurring dog walks per week
60 minutes $33 5% discount off ALL services when booking 5 recurring dog walks per week


Day Training Program Pricing

For dogs with behavior issues including new rescues, people shy, stranger aggression, reactivity, dog-dog aggression, anxiety, puppy training, or adult dogs that simply need some obedience brush up or other special handling. We would love to work with both of you to create calmer, happier dog walk experiences!

Visit Length Per Session
Initial intake & goal setting (one hour) $60
20 minutes $30
40 minutes $50
60 minutes $70
Additional people coaching $70

Holiday Pricing

The following days have a $7-$10 holiday surcharge per visit:

MLK Day, Presidents Day, Easter weekend, Veterans Day, Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July weekend, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving Day weekend, Christmas week, New Years Week.

Recurring walks are automatically canceled on those holidays and need to be re-booked.

Additional Pricing Policies

  • $3-$5 for parking compensation or heavy traffic neighborhoods (downtown)
  • $5-$7 fees for medication per visit (depending on difficulty)
  • $5 for dog walking outside of the hours of 10 am – 4 pm
  • $5 for behavior/health issues with cats (aggression, declining health)
  • $3 for extra animals (more than two cats or two large dogs walked simultaneously)
  • $8 key drop off/pick up (outside of the initial free consultation)
  • $15 re-consultations for medication demonstration or address change
  • $5 late booking/schedule adjustment fee (within 24 hours of start time)
  • 1/2 the cost of service, for complete cancellations (within 24 hours of start time)
  • Payment by credit card only, due on the first date of service

FAQ – Dog Walking

Q: What is your service area?

A: We service the greater Seattle area for dog walking, cat sitting and puppy training. This includes the following neighborhoods: Downtown, Pioneer Square, Belltown, Capitol Hill, First Hill, International District, Lake Union, Ballard, Queen Anne, Magnolia, Greenwood, Fremont, Wallingford, Maple Leaf, and more!

Q: Do you have an available dog walker?

A: Maybe! Send us the details and we will let you know if we have an appropriate caregiver on staff with room on their schedule. We keep a waiting list if we are unable to help immediately. At least two weeks’ notice is preferred for new clients and occasionally we can help with last-minute needs.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yup! We are fully insured, licensed and bonded, and our employees are covered under our insurance.

Q: Can I speak to someone on the phone before booking?

A: Yes! Please contact us to set up a phone appointment.

Q: Will I have the same dog walker?

A: We do like to keep dogs with the same walker when possible. Dog walkers can get sick, have emergency car trouble, or go on vacation. We will notify you ASAP if we need to switch walkers and will give you the option of cancelling rather than substitution.

Q: What about keys?

A: As our business grows, we find that key handling, coordination and tracking is a huge expense that may not be necessary. We now ask that our clients please provide on-site access to your home whenever possible. Digital door codes or a lockbox with key installed on your property are preferred.

We DO need a backup access plan** if you are traveling out of town. For daily dog walking, if something happens with the primary key or lockbox and we do not have another key on file, we will cancel the walk and notify you via text/email. Our preferred access methods are:

1. Digital code and a backup access plan** if the power or battery goes out.

2. Lockbox* on your property with a primary key set and a backup access plan** OR give us a backup key during the initial consultation to store in our office.

3. Key pick up carefully coordinated with the concierge/management office, kept for all the visits and then returned on the last visit. Note for us any hours they will not be available for key pass off. If extra time is spent waiting for the concierge/management staff this would subtract from the total time of your visit.

4. Provide two key copies at the initial consultation, one for your primary caregiver, and one for an alternate caregiver or a backup key set to store in the office. Any key exchanges afterward will incur an $8 handling fee.

*Little Furry Things can provide a lockbox for you to keep, ($30), or borrow ($15).

**Backup access plan = a close-by neighbor/concierge/management office/friend/family that will be in town while you are traveling, or permission for us to call a locksmith at your expense.

Q: Can you do two visits per day?

A: Yes, we often schedule two visits per day (late morning and late afternoon) for puppies, seniors and cats.

Q: Do you walk aggressive dogs?

A: Hmmm, what does aggressive look like? If your animal has a previous bite history, is extremely shy, under socialized or reactive we may not be able to service your family for regular dog walks right away.  However, we do provide day training and can help improve these issues. We do not visit with other neighborhood dogs when walking, and avoiding triggers/reactions is something that all of our walkers can do.

Q: What do I need to provide for my caregiver?

A: Any supplies we may need to adequately care for your pet including treats, toys, poop bags, leash, harness when appropriate, and a crate available for emergencies. Dogs should be wearing a pet ID tag on their collar or harness. Microchip is also preferred. No prong collars or choke chains. We do use treats on our walks to encourage good behavior.

Q: Does my pet need to be up-to-date on their vaccinations?

A: Yes, but we do not require proof since we are not visiting with other dogs. You may be asked to provide this upon request.